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24 May 2016

The Victorian Premier has announced a Ministerial reshuffle. The Hon Lily D'Ambrosio MP has been named the new Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.  The new Andrews Ministry is available HERE

20th May 2016

The Indpendent Inquiry has released it report into the EPA. The full report is HERE.  The recommendations have been consolidated HERE

29th April 2016

The EPA has released a number of draft guidelines for consideration by Industry and  including the Update of the Financial Assurance Guidelines HERE Scheduled Premises Regulation Review (compilation of submissions inc the VWMA)  HERE and proposed changes to the Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines relating to Beneficial Reuse and Waste Codes HERE as well as a catchy little video on Youtube about the correct deposition of industrial waste HERE 

20th January 2016

The owners/operators of Eastlink have again reaffirmed that 30XY loads which they regard as Placard Loads are not permitted in their tunnels at Ringwood.  Please ensure your drivers are aware of this. Alert is HERE

December 2015:

The VWMA has submitted comments to the Department of the Environment, Land, Water and Planning on theScheduled Premises Regulations Review. You can read the comments HERE.

11 November 2015

The VWMA's submission to the Dept of Environment, Water, Land Water and Planning on the E-Waste Discussion paper is HERE

21 October 2015

The VWMA Submission into the EPA Inquiry is HERE

29th September

The Victorian Government has released a E-waste Discussion paper to support its elction commitment to ban e-waste from landfill. You can download or read a copy online HERE

22nd September

The EPA has released its Classifications for Drilling Muds HERE and Unprocessed Used Cooking Oils HERE